Indian Cricket’s most productive period

The Indian Cricket team has won just 98 Tests from 427 it has played. A stat I found pretty hard to believe.We think that India has a great tradition in the game which they have been playing since the 1930s and has seen many legends in its 75 year old history. But, it seems that the new millennium has been the most productive in terms of results for Indian cricket. Just take a look at these stats.

70s and 80s



These stats represent India’s overall performance during the 70s and 80s,the 90s and the 200s respectively.I chose these periods because considering the performance when India stared Test Cricket would not be fair.Also, India had their famous spin quadret during the 70s and 80s followed by the lights of Kapil Dev and Gavaskar.Clearly the win to loss ratio in the 2000s is is much better compared to the other two periods.Here is something even more fascinating.The following links indicate the performance abroad over these periods.

70s and 80s



The 90s period was a complete drought as far as wins abroad is concerned.Again, the 2000s have been excellent for Indian cricket. India has shed its “Tigers at home;Lambs abroad” tag and has become a force to reckon overseas.

When I thought what could be the reason I felt it is our seam bowlers.Why them and not our great batsmen ? India had very good batsmen even during the 90s.Bit,they could not win because they did not have the bowlers to finish the job.Srinath was lone warrior most of the time.But , now there are a few fast bowlers who given the conditions can run through sides.Zaheer ,I fell is one of the best in the world now and Ishant has won the Man of the Series awrd in the recent Border Gavaskar series.And we have guys like RP singh,Munaf and Sreeshanth waiting in the wings.These three may not be as good as Zaheer and Ishant but, they are a handful on conducive conditions. So, when some old guy talks like “These guys are useless.not like Gavskar ,Vishwanath bla bla bla” put forward these stats.


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3 Responses to “Indian Cricket’s most productive period”

  1. userceg Says:


    Dei… Is this your first post??? Write something about urself machi…
    Otherwise, I ll write about you…

    PS: I wonder why a geek writes about cricket!

  2. userceg Says:

    [India had very good batsmen even during the 90s.Bit,they could not win because they did not have the bowlers]

    Dei… not “batsmen”… indian team won matches whenever sachin made a diwali… I hope you remember 1996 semifinals… 98/1… sachin got out… 120/8… oruthana nambi thaandaa team irundhuchu…

  3. santhanakrishnan Says:

    Well not just Sachin .You should not forget Azhar and in the later 90s Ganguly and dravid came along.

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