The World’s Biggest Democratic Exercise

I have named this blog as “Not Just Cricket”. So, here comes the first non cricket topic. The parliamentary elections are around the corner.  I, like most Indians think that I am an expert at this topic. So, I thought of giving a few suggestions to people like me who would be voting for the  first time .

1.First of all do vote.
Most of us are unhappy about the political system. I feel we do not have the right to comment on the Government unless we exercise the right to vote. At least to make sure that no one else does it for you.There could be hundreds queueing up for that.I might be 350 km from my polling booth. But, I will try my best to get there and vote.

2.Do not vote for the regional parties ( DMK, ADMK, PMK, MDMK etc ).
Some might be surprised that I  have included the DMK and ADMK here.These are not the assembly elections and these parties have no chance of getting a majority.The best  they can do is support ( ? ) some big national party get a few cabinet posts,make money and bring down the Government later. What I find astonishing about these parties, especially the DMK is that, after sharing 5 years of power and having been part of all cabinet meetings ,they don’t seem to realize that they are responsible for the Government’s actions. Remember! All important policy decisions must be approved by the cabinet.It is not like the U.S., where the President has so much power that he can veto a bill passed by the senate.
Some may say that if a regional party has a good number of seats, say 20,it can demand and bring some good things to the state.With the DMK being part of the Central Government,we had problems with all the neighbours regarding water.Nothing could be done.So, that theory goes out of the window.
So, if it comes to a regional party against a national party in your constituency ,vote for the national party regardless of who it is.

3.If both the candidates are from regional parties, then try and vote for the least corrupt guy i.e choose the least of all the evils.
I sincerely hope that one of the two major national parties gets about 200 seats on its own.This will reduce the bargaining power of these regional forces. Hope for the best.


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