Strategy to do better in the Third Test against England

What has really killed India in the Test series against England is the second new ball. Of the four innings each team has played so far India have lost 2,1,1,and 6 wickets before 30 overs wheras England have lost 2,5,3 and 2 repectively. Basically there has been a steady fall of wickets at the top and each team has experienced one top order collpase. India even have a slight advantage here.

India have faced the second new ball thrice so far. India were 5,5 and 4 wickets down when the second new ball was taken. England have been 3 and 4 wickets on the two occasionsthey have faced the second new ball. Whereas England have managed to bat 40 and 51 overs more in spite of losing 2 to 3 wickets to the second new ball, India have never managed to get even close to lasting 20 more overs.

Part of the reason is that Dhoni doesn’t fancy the new ball in the English condtions and India’s lower batsmen are hopeless against quality attacks. If India were to have a chance of posting a fighting total ( 400+) , they need to make sure that two of ( Dravid,Tendulkar and Laxman) face the second new ball. Of course together with Gambhir they also need to play the first new ball.So I suggest tat India play the old fashioned way. Just forget about the runs and play like we did at Headingley in 2002.The idea is to be just 3 down when we face thesecond new ball.

In the event that we lose the third wicket before that, I suggest sending Dhoni ahead of Laxman provided we aren’t 30 or 40 for 3 in the 15th over. Any time between 40 and 70 overs would do. Dhoni would find it easier against a slightly older ball and we save Laxman for the second new ball . We won’t lose too much if Dhoni failsb ecause, he hasn’t been making too many anyway.

Some may argue why should Laxman face the second new ball, simply because Dhoni is incapable. It’s a team game and it’s about using one’s resources properly folks. Dhoni isone who scores much faster when the ball isn’t doing too much (preferably nothing) and Laxman is much better to handle the new ball. It’s a waste of resources that Laxman gets a 50against the old ball and Dhoni gets a duck agianst the second new ball. If we swap them around we may get 60 or 70 from Dhoni and a slow 50 from Laxman perhaps.



3 Responses to “Strategy to do better in the Third Test against England”

  1. Balaji Says:

    Agree Dhoni can go ahead of Laxman in Bating Slot……but dhoni is always capable to score runs in Test Circuit :)……

  2. Bhaskar Rao Says:

    OMG…..such a keen analysis….mann what are u doing in a sw company…..i think even team management might not be doing so much thinking 😛

  3. sathyanarayanan Says:

    perhaps you underestimated dhoni a bit here?

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