Dissecting Tendulkar’s failure in England

After the miserable series Sachin Tendulkar has gone through against England, there have been a few questions asked about his ability to play quality fast bowling on helpful conditions. I am actually quite amazed at this suggestion because one just has to look six months back to get a proof of his ability in this regard. South Africa – Dale Steyn and Morne Morkel steaming in. I am pulling out the batting statistics from Tendulkar and Dravid from that series

SR Tendulkar     326 runs in 6 innings at an average of 81.50

R Dravid          120 runs in 6 innings at an average of 20

And these are the figures from the series against England

SR Tendulkar 273 runs in 8 innings at an average of 34.12
R Dravid          461 runs in 8 innings at an average if 76.83

It is easily seen that while Dravid outperformed Tendulkar in England, it was the other way around in South Africa.In fact I also observed a similarity between Tenulkar failures in England and Dravid’s in South Africa. They would start well looking confident – a few flowing boundaries in Tendulkar’s case and positive outlook while leaving and defending from Dravid- and suddenly they would get out ( usually and expansive drive from Tendulkar to a wide ball and a tentative poke outside off from Dravid ). This suggests me that their problems might be due to some problems with concentration and not technique or form. I am not sure about what pwas disturbing Dravid’s concentration which he has obviosuly sorted out, but I have a fair idea of what is disturbing Tendulakar’s. It is that damned 100th 100.

Please don’t jump at me saying he is a great Team player and he doesn’t care about personal milestones or support the view saying “Yeah, he just plays for records”. Honestly everybody is selfish. People don’t start playing the game beacuse they wan’t to be part of a great winning team. They play the game beacuse they like it.I will belive that some players don’t care about personal milestones when they stop running around pumping their fists after a hundred.

It is quite clear that the 100th 100 has been on his mind since the time he skipped the West Indies Test tour. He wanted to get that 100 on a big stage rather than on a small West Indian island like Dominica with barely a few hundred watching. I have seen that these milestones start playing on his ming.He took 6 or 7 innigs to get the 100 odd runs he needed to get past Lara.I also feel that he may not have anticipated that the England bowling would be this good and so much help for the bowlers here.In hindisght he might be wishing that he had gone to West Indies and got that monkey out of his back.

I am not condemning Tendulkar saying that he should have completely blocked it out of his mind and just concentratred on each ball. It is not humanly possible.I am just trying to come up with an explanation as to why a player in good form ( as shown by the starts he got throughout the series ) and ability to handle high quality bowling ( as evident form the South African performance ) struggled so much in England.



One Response to “Dissecting Tendulkar’s failure in England”

  1. sathyanarayanan Says:

    grt analysis..

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