If you are an Atheist, start believing in destiny

All right, the title might be confusing for most. Let me get into the heart of the matter straight away. If you do not belive in the existence of a super-natural being, then your thoughts and hence you actions are simply the result of some electro-chemical reaction taking place in you brain. You have no control over them. Whatever control you seem to have is an illusion or at least some scientists say so. If you started living your life from start all over again, you will take the same decisions as the previous instance – right from whether to take left or right at a fork to the person you marry.

Now here is the interesting part. Not only that your decisons were pre-determined the circumstances where you made those decisions are also.Suppose we have a line of dominoes such that if the first one is toppled everyone till the last one will get toppled. For a given arrangement, if we apply the same force on the first domino at the same angle, the fall would be identical.

Scientists believe that the universe started with the Big Bang. Whatever existed before can be compared to the domino arrangement. Whatever causes the bang can be compared to the force that topples the first domino.Right at that very moment, the laws of this universe were defined and all the matter and energy in this universe were created .Every single event that has taken place after that is is dependent on what took place at that instant-from the motion of a hydrogem molecule floating around on the earth’s surface to the motion and lifetime of the sun that this earth orbits.In short, at that very moment it was detrmined that there would be X galaxies after Y years. And in one of those X galaxies there would be a galaxy with a star orbitted by a planet at a distance suitable for H2O to exist in liquid form. After some years one one fine day a lightnng bolt would strike a soup of amino acids to create LIFE. And these would undergo mutation biologists think as random but useful, ( but what is random about chemical reactions ? )

This gradually led to you being born. This was no random event either, because like you, your parents also did not have free will. They were simply obeying chemical signals from their brain.

Let’s day a bus you take breaks down . It is pre-determined that the bus would break down because it was built with materials with certain properties which were created as a result of the Big Bang and maintained by individuals in a certain way dictated by chemical reactions in their brains.

So everything that happens in your life is pre-destined, only that no one knows what the next event is. If you find this hard to accept, you can convert and start believing that some super-natural being inserted the ability to raise above the chemical reactions of your brain and take decisions on your own.



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