BCCI may organize special matches to help Sachin get 100th Ton

After preparing a sleeping beauty to help Sachin get his 100th 100,in a last ditch effort , the BCCI has decided to organise a five match ODI series between Sachins XI and Sachin Mastered XI. Sachins XI would include only Tendulkar i.e he bats at both ends and gets 10 chances in each match.The series would run parallel to Ind-WI ODI series and ICC has given ODI status to the series much like they gave to matches between combined XIs like Asia and Africa before.The Sachin mastered XI would include bowlers like Shane Warne and Henry Olonga whom Sachin has enjoyed a lot of sucess against.The full XI for the Sachim Mastered XI is yet to be announced and the selectors have been given the following guidelines.

  • Due to Tendulkar’s weakness against debutants , players without international experience should not be picked.
  • Dibbly dobblers similar to Hansie Cronje should not be picked. Sachin has a history of being troubled by them.
  • Bowlers who sledge a lot should be given preference

The venue would be Chennai where he has scored many of his famous Test centuries.
Also help has been sought from the makers of Inception to make Sachin Tendulkar belive that he has actually scored only 98 international 100s. “The Inception was my idea” said a proud Cheekha, “In case he still doesn’t get there, we would then organize a series between Sachin’s XI and the present Indian team as it is the weakest bowling attack currently available”. If even that doesn’t help, there is a rumor that the BCCI may declare IPL as International Premier League. Sachin has scored one century in the IPL and thus would have 100 international centuries.



2 Responses to “BCCI may organize special matches to help Sachin get 100th Ton”

  1. Swarnaprakash Says:

    Nice news satire.
    Surprising to see this coming from a person who is biased towards Sachin.

  2. santhanakrishnan Says:

    I still think he is the best batsman since Bradman and I wish he gets it soon. But the wait is getting a bit too long.

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