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Sorry, Mr.Dhoni ! You’ve got it all wrong!

January 14, 2012

One of the big result (or cause ?) of the recent thumpings on the Indiam team seems to be that the captain has completely lost the plot. I  want to give an obvius example. Dhoni sees a greenish pitch at the WACA and plays four seam-up bowlers. I carefully choose the word seam-up  and I have avoided the word “fast” because our bowlers are not.

Nothing shows more clearly than this that the team has compeltely lost its self-belief and is playing on just hope. I agree that Ashwin didn’t bowl all that well in Sydney and if Dhoni thought that he must be dropped, then he should have given a chance to Pragyan Ojha. A person with aclear mind would be able to see that only two scenarios were possible.If  the WACA pitch had turns out to be a green monster, is Vinay Kumar going to get the wickets Zaheer, Ishant and Umesh failed to ? If India bat first and the pitch eases a bit when Australia bat doesn’t Vinay Kumar seem like cannon fodder ? The pitch is true and the ball coming nicely on to the bat, a bowler at 125 kmph  and no swing. If picking Vinay Kumar in the squad was a mistake, playing him in the eleven was a Himalayan blunder. To me India lost the match then and there.

There is  a saying in Tamil “puliya paatthu poonai soodu pottuk kondathaam” which literally means that a cat wants to become a tiger and gets itself burns to look like stripes. India playing four seam bowlers is just that.