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There are things more important than cricket

July 17, 2012

Recently the BCCI said it would resume cricket with Pakistan with an ODI series scheduled this December. This comes in the wake of fresh evidence in the Mumbai terror attack probes lea. I am tired of this nonsense. Forces from Pakistan carry out one terror attack after the other, the Indian Government stops ties and resumes again only to be stopped by another attack. The world is not going to end if India doesn’t play Pakistan.  How would someone who lost a loved one feel when he sees our players mix with Pakistanis when Pakistan has not even accepted that people from there were involved in the attacks ?

The Indian Government  has been crying that the Pakistan government hasn’t done enough  to try the terror attack perpetrators.  What message does it send to the world if sporting ties are resumed ? Doesn’t it mean that India accepts that Pakistan has done well enough that normal relations can resume ?

Pakistan is a nation founded on hatred and suspicion.  The Islamist fundamentalists and the army rule there. I am not saying that all Pakistanis are terrorists, but that nation has got itself into a state where the forces that do not want peace with India are way more powerful than those that want. For example the army is way more powerful ( in influencing politics ) there than here in India. If Pakistan has peace with India and people stop looking India as a threat then the army would start losing its political significance. So it is highly likely that forces in the army would try to do something to damage the process and we have seen in previous attacks some people from their army getting named

A deer trying to make friends with a tiger is not diplomacy, it is just suicide.