An hour at the printer

I am someone who doesn’t use the office printer a lot. Recently I had to get something printed. So I go and ask a team-mate on chat  how to get that done.

Me: X, how do I print this document ?

X: Just do a http:// to the name written  on the printer . The page will guide you.

Now I walk to the printer. Find out that its name is its geographical position encoded in some acronyms.


BGL as you may guess is short for Bangalore,

13 is the building number ( Oh yes, in our company we are not scared of that number except that in our software releases we jumped from  version 12 to 15),

3 is as you might have guessed the floor number,

xx-xx is some weirdly encoded location of the printer using the nearby cube numbers.

The only things missing here were the latitude and longitude and its current distance from the centre of he galaxy.

I carefully type the this garbage name on my browser and press “Enter”.

Server not found

Mmm.. May be I should type in CAPS. Let me try that.

Server not found.

I ping X on Instant Messenger.

Me: Hey, it isn’t working.

X: I think you should append the domain name to the name.

Me: Ok. Let me try.

Now I type,

Server not found.

This printer is dead. Let me try the other printer on the floor.

I walk to the other printer on the floor.After a series of combinations typed on my browser, still

Server not found

Now I ask another colleague near that printer if it works. He says it works fine, but recommends that I use the new Printer Client software on my laptop.Now it comes to my mind that I saw a printer client application on my laptop. Let me open that.

The application gives me a series of options  beginning with a choice of my galaxy and slowly narrows down to the two printers on my floor. I add the printer to the client.

Now I open the doc and give Ctrl+P. I see the printer’s name and select that. A weird animation pops up showing that the document is being sent to the printer. No sound from the printer and no paper thrown out. I see a lot of empty papers at a slot which looks to be meant for paper feed and I also see some printed papers just on the opposite side of the printer on another slot. Nothing coming out from anywhere. Then I realise that in one corner of that weird animation, it says “No paper in tray”. Mmm… That’s strange. It has a lot of paper. May be there is something wrong with this printer and so it is not taking paper in. Let me go back to the old printer.

I go back to the old printer and do the “narrowing down” from Milky Way to my floor again and give Ctrl+P again. The unmistakable creak of a printer starting its job follows. Wow! This is great! Finally I printed! And then.. it stops. Still no paper out. I keep going around the printer to see if it dropped out anywhere. Just when I thought of giving Ctrl+p again , I saw some papers lying in a crevice on the opposite side of the  printer barely visible to any one except Superman. I take the paper that was lying at the top, see that it was the one I gave for print,  walk way my head held high having  achieved something in life.


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