India -SA ODI series 2013 – India’s bowling more worrying than batting

The Indian team was dished out a 141 run drubbing in the 1st ODI at the Wanderers. The bowling once again conceded more than 350 and the batting for once was not able to cover up and folded for 200 odd.

So which is more worrying ? The batsman playing and missing , top-edging and getting bundled out for 200 or bowlers giving away 350 on such a helpful pitch. I say the latter. During India’s innings I mainly looked at three batsmen Dhawan, Rohit and Kohli. I knew Dhoni would scratch around and Raina and Yuvraj are hopeless. What I saw from the former three was quite promising. They were largely comfortable leaving the bouncers. They were leaving certain balls on length. Also played some crisp shots when the opportunities arrived. All this suggested to me that if they were chasing a reasonable score in range of 250, they would have been a bit more watchful and they might not have folded like that.

Coming to the bowling, all Indian bowlers except Shami did not look even remotely threatening. Shami is a good yard quicker than the other Indian seamers and puts a lot into the ball .I got the true nature of the pitch in the over Shami bowled to Kallis. He made two balls lift off a length and dart away and Kallis was all at sea. He hit an improvised boundary but was out later in the over spooning a full out-swinger to cover, weight firmly on the backfoot. It was then I realised that the Indian team was in a lot more trouble than the score suggested. It was a 250 pitch and at that stage South Africa were on course for 325.

It was business as usual in the South African innings at the death. Mohit and Bhuvaneshwar dishing up length balls with the South Africans gleefully depositing them in the stands.  But what is greatly concerning is that on such a pitch the Indian seamers got carted around. It seems like the Indian seamers just do not put enough energy behind the deliveries to extract help from even these pitches. They were not able to get early break-throughs. If this is indeed the case, the Indian batsmen might have to contend with hours and hours in the field in addition to the hostile South African bowling.


4 Responses to “India -SA ODI series 2013 – India’s bowling more worrying than batting”

  1. RSJ Says:

    The inexperience of our bowlers spoke heavily. Sending Zaheer Khan only for test was strategic flaw.
    Yuvraj and Raina both showed that they have not recovered from their short ball weakness. I guess Yuvraj will be rested and Rayudu will join in.

  2. Chandra Balaji Says:

    Even PAK with their so called mediocre batting did better than us in SA and could manage to clinch their first series win in SA. Looking @our game, i somehow feel that Indian batting is also equivalently pathetic like bowling……..No intent is shown by an of our batsmen through out the match….As written in The Hindu ..”The indian batsmen were jumping like a cat on the hot tin roof”…It would have been great respite for Dhoni’s men if SA would have cancelled the whole series to mourn for Mandela…

    PS: With this bunch of players who can’t really read/adapt to the bouncy pitches and genuine pace bowlers,….we don’t even have any remote chance of clearing the league games in the upcoming world cup in AUS….

  3. Santhana Krishnan Says:

    Yes, the batting has been equally bad. But let’s not go overboard. An Indian team with Sachin and Dravid got bowled out for 100 and 66 in a Test in South Africa. I am quite confident that the batting will soon turn a corner.

  4. Chandra Balaji Says:

    I strongly believe that our average score (be it ODIs/Tests) is gonna be 150+…throughout this tour…

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