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An unusual checklist

October 29, 2011

I usually don’t watch Vijay movies, but went to this  one to spend some time on Deepawali evening. Instead of witing a review I decided to make a checklist of all the clichés from the movie

  • A festival atmosphere introduction song for the lead actor
  • A cousin madly in love with the lead actor running behind him  making suggestive comments and gestures
  • An uncle ( who is the father of that cousin ) behaving like a pimp
  • A mother/sister for whom the lead actor would give his life
  • The lead actor doing some stupid things ( that are supposed to be funny ) like emptying a well for his sister’s ring
  • A rotten politician whose illegal businesses include drugs, brothel, arms and counterfeiting
  • A network  of police officers who lick this politician’s boots
  • A point in the movie where someone claims “ungala ellam adakka oruththan varuvaandaaa” with the camera spanning the lead actor from feet up to the face
  • A terrorist group talking in Tamil which wants to plant bombs specifically in Chennai
  • A triangle love tangle
  • An attempted rape stopped by the lead actor and a subsequent fight where he beats the bad guys to pulp
  • A TV show where hundreds claim that the lead actor is their GOD
  • The lead actor beaten unconscious and a familiar voice waking him up and giving him the power to fight
  • A stupid bad guy admitting all his acts in front of a camera
  • A terrorist ( who is a Muslim ) telling another Muslim ( who is a good guy ) to help him and the good guy claims that Muslims in India are safer than those in Pakistan
  • The main bad guy being killed by a mod

The only solace in that movie is Santhanam who is sometimes funny and a  new idea that the lead actor becomes a super-hero by accident ( I suspect this might be a rip-off). In short, pathetic movie.